Maria Carriage event takes place in Kõpu village – Pärnu county, Estonia – at Maria Farm. The first driving event in Maria Farm was organized in 2017 as national competition which was the leg of Estonian Equestrian Federations Driving Cup. Estonian drivers and International officials were satisfied, hence the organizers decision to go for International level in 2018.

Maria Carriage 2018 will take place from 18 to 20 of May. This event can be found in FEI Calendar as CAI2*-H1/P1, it means for single horses and ponies. The organizers have decided to use FEI 3*B test for dressage, which means that drivers can obtain qualification from this event for the World Championship in Kronenberg, September 2018. The format will be dressage-cones-marathon with five marathon obstacles.

Month of May for Nordic region is considered as beginning of season and that is why the organizers will offer very wide list of different national categories for drivers. Maria carriage can be taken as training event for coming season, also for CAI3* Bendoriai, Lithuania, week after Maria Carriage. Every driver can compete separately in different driving disciplines choosing the best way for his/her turnout(s). Drivers can for example compete separately for FEI 3* test, cones +25cm and marathon with 3 obstacles or what ever another combination between categories. We will have the next categories for singles and pairs:

– 1*B/marathon 3 obstacles/cones+35cm
– 1*B/ marathon 4 obstacles/ cones +25cm
– 2*A/ marathon 5 obstacles/ cones +25cm
– 1*B/ cones +35cm
– 3*B/ cones +20cm
– 2*A/ combined marathon with two obstacles and cones +25cm
– combined marathon with two obstacles and cones +25cm
– combined marathon with two obstacles and cones +35cm


The organizers of Maria Carriage will do their best to offer for every driver the personal best. About venue You can find more information from www.maria.ee